Battle Abbey Viewing Platform – Battle, near Hastings

A Unique and aesthetically pleasing viewing platform created by Universal Stone and Carl Stahl Evita Ltd to create a safe and secure view of the town of Battle and the area in which the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066.

A very enjoyable project carried out by the Carl Stahl Evita installation team. this project was expertly guided by both Universal Stone – the main contractor – and Carl Stahl Evita.

The Mesh was chosen specifically by the English Heritage to not to stand out and hinder the viewing area for children and adults alike. the wire ropes and fittings were selected by Universal Stone with the guidance of Carl Stahl.

1.5mm x 70mm Mesh Width CXE Stainless Steel X-Tend was used to create the balustade infill. We used wires ropes IK400-0800 to create the vertical guides and IK120-0800 to create the horizontals. The wire rope border cables were held in place at the corners using I863-0800 light clamp rings to stop the eye end wire rope assemblies sliding back onto themselves after tensioning. To guide the wires along the framework I858-0800-06 screw on cross clamps were used to hold the wire rope in place as well as guide along the perimeter.