Carl Stahl Evita Retractors and Balancers are developed, constructed & manufactured according to the highest quality guidelines.

Naturally, all of Carl Stahl Evita Balancers and Retractors are long life tested, fulfil the requirements of DIN 15112 and carry the GS-logo for safety.

In addition, all Carl Stahl Evita Balancers and Retractors fully comply with CE guidelines.

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Carl Stahl Evita Retractors are designed so the retracting force increases in direct proportion to the cable extension.

Thus, the working load is automatically retracted to its original position after use, which clears the workplace for other tools or devices. The gradual rate of increase in retracting force guarantees positional accuracy.


Carl Stahl Evita Zero Gravity Balancers are characterised by a cone shaped drum. This feature ensures the retracting force remains almost constant across the entire cable extension length.

As a result the load remains suspended in any working position. Since there is no increase in the retracting force, Car Stahl Evita Balancers minimise user fatigue and enable high working accuracy even over long periods.

Ratchet Lock

The ratchet lock is an arresting mechanism which stops load retraction at pre-defined positions. This function is automatically activated when the load is moved back slowly.

Conversely, the ratchet lock remains inactive when the load is retracted at speed. This can prove highly ergonomic in some applications, for example, when the user wants the suspended load to be within easy reach (i.e. not fully retracted) between different working steps.

The ratchet lock feature is available for various Spring and Zero Gravity Balancers. Please refer to the appropriate product brochures and descriptions.