Industrial Products

Carl Stahl offers a wide range of standard lifting equipment providing lifting solutions to a wide range of common lifting problems as well as specific advice and bespoke designs for more unusual lifting requirements.

The product range includes permanent magnet lifting magnets, electromagnetic lifters, Diepa crane rope, general purpose wire ropes, load balancers, crane systems, lifting points, lifting beams, plate clamps, grabs, electric chain hoists, chain blocks, digital load cells, hand winches, fork lift attachments, vacuum lifters.

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Lifting Magnets

Safe magnetic lifting with manually operated permanent magnet lifting magnets from Carl Stahl Evita. Maximise safety with the MaxX range of hand switchable permanent magnet lifting magnets.

Aluminium Gantry Cranes

View Carl Stahl Evita’s lastest range of Aluminium Gantry Cranes which give total flexibility in areas where normal fixed gantries, cranes are otherwise unsuitable.


Put the superb craftsmanship of our “Zero Gravity”™ Balancers to work in your Manufacturing and Assembly operation today.

Crane Rope

Carl Stahl offer a full tange of Diepa high performance crane ropes manufactured using special wires designed to provide maximum torsional and bend fatigue resistance.


Wire rope terminations can be secured by a turn back loop or aluminium FSET ( Ferrule secured eye terminal ) or a flemish eye splice with the ends secured by a steel ferrule.

Wire Rope Selection

Strength & diameter, bend fatigue resistance, crush & corrosion resistance. Also resistance to wear and abrasion lubrication.

Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive pdf guide (including technical information) to Frequently Asked Questions relative to steel wire rope.


For questions and queries, contact Carl Stahl Evita or visit our troubleshooting guide.

Safety Information

For questions and queries regarding wire rope visit our safety guidance information.