Wire Rope Diametric Reduction Calculator in accordance with ISO 4309

Single Layer Rope with Fibre Core
Single Layer Rope with Steel Core or Parallel Closed Rope
Rotation Resistant Rope

Nominal Diameter – The Nominal Diameter is the diameter by which the rope is designated in a catalogue or on the Declaration of Conformity.

Reference Diameter – The Reference Diameter is the measured diameter of a section of rope that is not subject to bending, taken directly after running in the new rope. More simply this is the diameter of the rope when new and should be used as the baseline for uniform change in diameter.

Measured Diameter – The Measured Diameter  is the diameter that you  measure  as part of your examination  and should be assessed by taking the average of two measurements, taken at right angles to one another.

Position of Caliper

The Severity Rating represents the amount of deterioration expressed as a percentage towards discard . This rating may relate to either an individual mode of deterioration like decrease in diameter or the cumulative effect of more than one type of deterioration which might include visible  broken wires.