Wire Rope Inspection LEEA Accredited WR02

Target Group

Companies/Units who require employee training on the examination and safe use of wire rope carried out at their premises. Specifically those with a working knowledge of wire ropes and involved in the inspection, statutory examination, and/or safe use of wire rope in service. It is also suitable for those who are involved with, or give advice to, users of wire rope and associated equipment/products.


The aims of the course are to provide selected delegates with:

  • The skills and knowledge needed to apply the statutory requirements for examination and/or removal of wire rope in service.
  • A thorough grounding of wire rope construction, effects on rope performance and applications, and factors causing rope deterioration.
  • A thorough knowledge of safe use and handling of wire rope in accordance with their operations and the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Training Objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Apply the statutory requirements for examination of wire rope in service.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of wire rope terminology, constructions, characteristics and effect on rope performance, safe use & handling, and applications, through a short written test.
  • Get the best out of their products whilst maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of wire rope examinations.

Course Content

  • The Responsibilities and Primary Functions of a Rope Examiner
  • Wire Rope Manufacturing – an introduction to manufacturing processes and testing.
  • Rope terminology – up to date information on the different types of rope available, how they are designated and how they are classified.
  • A practical assessment of steel wire rope characteristics including an appreciation of rope strength, flexibility, fatigue, wear, abrasion, rotation and elongation.
  • Rope terminations. Good, bad and indifferent.
  • Rope Deterioration
  • Examination Procedure
    Discard Criteria
  • Cumulative (combined) effects of discard
  • Examination records and reports
  • Examples of used (failed) wire ropes (a black museum)
  • A written examination

Achievement Measurement

This two & half-day course includes a written confirmation test leading to certification on successful completion.