Safe Operation of an Overhead Travelling Crane LO08

Target Group

Those identified to use, or responsible for others who use overhead travelling cranes. Delegates must be physically fit, have good eyesight, hearing ability and be able to judge distances.


The aim of this course is to train selected delegates in the safe operation and effective use of overhead travelling cranes in their workplace. Two separate courses are available to meet the needs of those with floor controls or cab controls. The duration of each programme is dependant upon experience, 1 day for experienced operatives, 2 to 3 days for those with little or no experience.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Operate the crane safely in accordance with manufacturers handbook and accepted codes of practice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the concepts set out in PM55 “Safe working with overhead cranes”.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the controls of the particular model used during the training.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the proper use of lifting tackle.
  • Estimate the weight of loads.
  • Use appropriate communications.

Course Content

  • Health & Safety at Work Regulations.
  • Lifting gear regulations.
  • Lifting gear pre-use inspections.
  • Load handling.
  • Stacking and de-stacking.
  • Correct slinging.
  • Handling methods.
  • Capacities and effects of sling angles.
  • Weight assessment and capacities.
  • Signalling

General Information and Achievement Measurement

These courses include assessments and successful completion leads to certification.

Days: 1

Ratio: 6:1