Risk Assessment HS02

Target Group

All who have to carry out risk assessments, including managers, supervisors or others who assist in the risk assessment process.


The aims of the course are to provide delegates with:

  • Confidence and practical ability to carry out risk assessments
  • Appreciation of the legal requirements for risk assessment.
  • Sources of obtaining further information and assistance

Training Objectives

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of hazards, risks, risk control measures and risk control systems.
  • Identify their areas of responsibility which require assessment, and assessments to be carried out by others or jointly which affect them.
  • Identify hazards in their area of responsibility.
  • Identify appropriate risk control measures and systems for those hazards.
  • Assess the current level of risk and whether this is acceptable.
  • Identify what additional risk control measures and systems are required to achieve an acceptable level of risk.
  • Record their findings.
  • Devise implementation, maintenance and monitoring measures for the risk controls.
  • Recognise when to review risk assessments.
  • Recognise their own limits of competence and how to seek further information and assistance.

Course Content

  • De-mystifying risk assessment – common sense introduction
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk rating
  • Risk Management Measures
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Legal Requirements
  • Sources of information and advice
  • Practical exercises throughout
  • Video if appropriate

Qualifications/experience of Trainers

The course was designed and is presented by well-qualified, seasoned safety professionals with wide ranging experience of risk assessment.

Achievement measurement

This one day course includes a short written confirmation test. The practical sessions throughout are not assessed due to time constraints. There is an optional facility for assessment of risk assessment projects completed after the course charged out at an extra half day.

Days: 1

Ratio: 10:1