I-SYS®, the stainless steel architectural range, transforms visions into reality. I-SYS® offers both form and function to the architect, with a superb range of thousands of components and assemblies. I-SYS® products can be used for many applications from small decorative projects to high load cables for tensile structure solutions.

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Product Description

The stainless steel architectural cable program comprises of around 1,200 individual parts and cable assemblies in a standard range of 1mm to 26mm diameter for architectural and structural applications.

Typical Applications

I-SYS® can be specified for many applications such as small decorative projects, plant supports, balustrade infill, sun blinds, canopy supports and major structural applications.

Carl Stahl Service

Carl Stahl is one of the leading manufacturers of cable systems for architectural and constructional applications world-wide with the capability to provide “total solutions”.

Carl Stahl Evita can provide:

• Design support & concept   development • Method statements and   schedules
• Cable and fitting selection • Structural analysis
• Assistance with corrosion   protection • Site supervision
• Cost estimates and budgets • Installation

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 130 2299, or via email: architecture@carlstahlevita.co.uk and we would be pleased to offer our assistance.

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