Shop design and interior architecture of today demand elegant and open installation solutions. The hanging POSILOCK® system offers creative and original solutions. Single elements can be individually combined according to the building principle.

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Product Description

Innovative solutions arise by freely combining the basic elements of cable tensioning and cable anchoring with diverse additional elements, for example in the areas of product presentation, shelf systems, ceiling and floor attachments and all other types of suspensions.

Aside from the basic elements of cable tensioning an cable anchoring, the POSILOCK® suspension system includes hooks, screws, stainless steel pins, cables, joints, sleeves, tracks, various mounts and magnets. The stainless steel cables are made of high-quality, non-corroding stainless steel of material class AISI316 and are available with a diameter of 1mm to 3mm. Fittings and additional elements are comprised of nickel-plated brass, nickel-plated aluminium, nickel-plated zinc, and nickel- plated strip steel St1203. They are available in thread sizes M8 and M10.

Carl Stahl Service

Carl Stahl is one of the leading manufacturers of cable systems for architectural and constructional applications world-wide with the capability to provide "total solutions".

Carl Stahl Evita can provide:

• Design support & concept   development • Cost estimates and   budgets
• Cable and fitting selection • Site supervision
• Assistance with corrosion   protection • Installation

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 130 2299, or via email: architecture@carlstahlevita.co.uk and we would be pleased to offer our assistance.

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