Lifting Magnets

Safe magnetic lifting with manually operated permanent magnet lifting magnets from Carl Stahl Evita. Maximise safety with the MaxX range of hand switchable permanent magnet lifting magnets.

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Permanent Lifting Magnets

3:1 factor of safety
Solid steel block construction
Easy push handle
Low Maintenance
High reliability
No power required
Maximum safety
Magnetically lift round or flat loads
Streamline, lightweight design
Capacity 125kgs to 2000kgs

Lifting Magnets for Thin Materials

Select the MaxX TG magnetic lifter specifically developed for thin materials. A brand new range of permanent magnet hand switchable lifting magnets designed for safe magnetic lifting of thin guage steel.

Featuring all the benefits of the original MaxX permanent lifting magnet including 3:1 factor of safety but with the ability to safely magnetically lift thin steel down to 8mm.